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Mistakes and Accidents
It is Saturday, I didn’t have to get up early because I won’t go to work today. I hit the streets as I did not have anything to do as soon as I woke up. I have a small camera and a big flash in my hands.
I knew what I was going to shoot in the first few years I started photography. So it was clear what topics I would be working on. Hence, I was rarely encountering surprises. But after so many years of doing photography, I realized that what makes the act of photography most exciting for me is that I don’t know what I am going to shoot. Streets are full of wonders, full of photographs and I’m Alice, wondering on the streets of Istanbul.
What did photography mean to me after all these years? Okay but what does a ferris wheel mean for a child? Fun, perhaps for a few minutes the feeling of adrenaline created by the swaying of the body against the gravity in the air. Joy, maybe freedom. But – I know from myself – the most, a tremendous experience that ordinary life can’t satisfy. What did the same ferris wheel mean to the park employee who makes money from it. Maybe it was fun at first but after all, after realizing that it is the same pile of metal that by pressing the same button rotates with the same rhythm. A gigantic machine that functions in its own routine time and time again. Task. Pressing that button. Being there at the same time every day. I wanted my approach to photography to always be like that child’s approach to the ferris wheel. I think it’s happening.
I survive almost every day by walking and taking photos. My works are shaped by my acute desire to express myself and surrender to the emotions that come by encounters rather than trying to define something. Therefore, I can say that my photographs are the absolute result of not only instantly compressed visual layers, but also my perception, my muscle memory, my errors and my accidents.
My biggest inspiration is Istanbul… It is a city with different stories at every corner. Even when I travel to other cities, I find myself taking photographs influenced by Istanbul. On the other hand, I think I am beginning to resemble the city I live in as years go by. Other than photography, I write and draw when I find the time. I used to make music and nowadays I am also producing videos. So everything that is happening around me influences not only my photos but also my life and my production in different mediums of expression.