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Coming to Marrakesh and living here is challenging for me. It’s a big city and quite different from where I’ve lived before and a destination for artists from around the world. The contrast between social classes in Morocco makes me want to go out and shoot in popular places, as well as the strong connection between the families living in the heart of Marrakesh.

The coexistence between religions here creates a beautiful harmony.
People are more free to be who they are, wear what they want without anyone interfering with their personal choices.
And this makes art more accessible, you find all kinds of visual artists, street artists such as Jemaa el Fna square and this motivates me to go out and take photos. The weather in Marrakesh is quite interesting to shoot in.
If you go around Marrakech there is quite a lot to observe. From palm trees to landscapes to villages, you can have a simple look at Morocco and see how people used to and still live. Their clothing style is quite basic, it’s simple and that interests me alot. Traditional floor tiles, the way they still dry their clothes – all this gives me inspiration to work on these type of subjects and capture different forms of the Moroccan national identity. This results directly from the presence of many elements of people’s daily lives, the culture, the national symbols, television… People incorporate national identity into their own personal identities under various social influences, by adopting values and beliefs.

I admire the development of people’s perspective to art and their acceptance of me and my camera. Their spontaneity adds more to my pictures.