Myriam Boulos
Mondays in Beirut

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Monday 30 Dec
1:51 pm / Beirut, Lebanon
Laura-Joy and Jasmine hug in front of a rainbow.
Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my country.
Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my body.

Monday, 6 Jan
3:04 am / Beirut, Lebanon
I wanted to write but I don’t want to analyse or understand things.

Monday, 13 Jan
1:03 am / Beirut, Lebanon
The revolution is rising again.
Same feeling of big wave swallowing me.
Forgetting everything else.
Not responding to e-mails.
Not looking at myself in the mirror.
It is weird how the place of the body changes in time of crises.

Monday 13 Jan
8:07 pm / Beirut, Lebanon
These days I randomly cry
At the bank.
At the supermarket.
In front of my laptop.
I look at a picture of my parents and I cry.

Monday, 20 Jan
Beirut, Lebanon
Tonight in the tear gas I took all my pictures with eyes closed.
They say the moment of a picture is a black out.
I wonder if I don’t look at these emotions, will they disappear?

Monday, 27 Jan
12:48 / Beirut, Lebanon
Feeling weak.
Also I feel like this phase is bringing out the best and the worst in us.
I like the animal in him.